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~ Monday 14th November 2022 ~

The Croatians on Titanic

Expert on Titanic in of Titanic related books
...Slobodan Novković (known as Bobo)


Bobo will take a look at the Croatians on Titanic... who were they ? Why were there so many on board? Why do we not know much about their story...?


Given the historical circumstances and social and political turbulence which troubled the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, which Croatia was part of in 1912, it's no wonder there were Croats on board Titanic as well. Thirty passengers were Croatian (actually thirty-one, but one was registered in Hungary). Only three of the Croats on board Titanic survived.

In honour of the fallen victims of the Titanic, Croatia has a Titanic Memorial House in the village of Bratina, around 45 minutes drive from Zagreb, towards Karlovac. This discrete historical memory which is also a little known but potential huge tourist spot, caught the attention of a journalist Petra Balija from Večernji List in 2018. She visited the house and got in touch with one of the founders of the memorial house, as well as the Titanic 100 Association founded in Bratina in 2012 (on a 100th year anniversary no less) because of the historical connection the place shares with this iconic and tragic ship.

The surname Turčin is a well-renowned name in Bratina, and Stjepan Turčin one of the thirty passengers and sadly one of the casualties of the shipwreck. It was he, a hundred years since the sinking, who inspired the residents of Bratina to come up with an exhibition in his honour. Until 2021, his fellow citizens did not know someone from their area died on a big ship!

Bobo has also researched and written about the Croatians on board Carpathia.

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