SS Nomadic served Titanic and Olympic.


In 2001 the Ulster Titanic Society, (now the Belfast Titanic Society) became aware of the plight of the SS Nomadic rotting away on the river Seine in Paris. Ulster Titanic Society members wrote numerous letters to Government and other bodies apprising them of the plight of the last floating link with Titanic.

The Nomadic was for many years a floating restaurant on the River Seine in Paris

The Society’s Magazine, CQD started a campaign in issue 17 entitled "Let's Save The Nomadic" with a printed petition supporting the French Titanic Society in their efforts to save the stricken ship.

Sam Brannigan gave our members a talk on the subject at a Society meeting on the 11th of September 2001 and it appeared in our magazine CQD issue No 18. Ulster Titanic Society member Patricia Curtis from New York also visited Nomadic where she compiled a report and pictures for the same CQD issue.

In 2002 we were contacted directly by the French Titanic Society and a campaign to save Nomadic was launched. Over the ensuing years other interested bodies and societies came onboard to build on the sterling work of the Ulster Titanic Society in making the world aware of the SS Nomadic.

The Belfast Titanic Society is justifiably proud of its efforts in having the SS Nomadic returned to Belfast and now leaves the way clear for other agencies and societies to begin her restoration.

Picture of the rear of a wooden panel on Nomadic taken during restoration work – the tradesman who made this wooden panel had written, "422 Lower deck" on its back. 422 is the Harland and Wolff yard number for Nomadic.

These rivets on Nomadic are from the same batch as those used on Titanic.  Titanic, Olympic and Nomadic were built at the same time in H&W slipways 1 ,2 and 3.

First class accommodation on Nomadic prior to the restoration.