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The Belfast Titanic Society, originally called the Ulster Titanic Society, was formed at a meeting in the Linenhall Library in Belfast in May 1992. Among those present at this first meeting were several Harland and Wolff men and those whose relatives had worked on Titanic. Also present were relatives of Tommy Millar (also lost on Titanic) and John Parkinson who as a young boy had seen the ship in the east Belfast ship yard.  John later became President of the Society.  Our first President was Marjorie McCormick (the daughter of foreman fitter Artie Frost who was lost on Titanic). The current President is Susie Millar, great grand-daughter of Titanic’s Thomas Millar (Formerly a Harland & Wolff employee and then a White Star Line employee).

We are unique in that we are the only Titanic Society in the world that holds regular meetings.

Meetings – are held September to May (refreshments are supplied by our own Titanic ladies). Most mMeetings are held in Royal Belfast Academical Institution (this is one of the oldest School’s in Belfast, the one which William Pirrie, Thomas Andrews and Dr John Simpson attended) http://www.rbai.org.uk/.

Annual Gala dinner – the Society hold an Annual Gala Dinner near to the date when we commemorate Titanic loss on 15th of April. The dinner however commemorates the sucess of the design build and launch and the anniversary of Titanic leaving Belfast on 2 April 1912.

Special events – Titanic Together, a Titanic themese minifestival, brings together key stakeholders in Titanic Quarter, Belfast, supported by Titanic Foundation, to celebrate the greatest liner ever built ...look out for details of the events in April each year, all centered around the anniversary of the 15th April the date which marks the ship's loss and this coincides with the annual service of remembrance at City Hall each year on the 15th.

Titanic authority/ researchers and consultants - in addition to first class research activities by our society historian and other members will also provide consultancy to media organisations and to those with close connections to the Titanic story. We have a proven track record having worked with many organisations including worldwide media during the commemorative events of 2012 and in the years before. Examples include: Belfast City Council, Harland and Wolff, Titanic Developments, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, BBC, UTV, local newspapers and many foreign media organisations. Please email us for more information (there is a fee for all consultations).

Talks – our Society are delighted to have been involved in the delivery of hundreds of Titanic related talks over the years from Belfast City Hall to schools and history societies. Please email our Talks co-ordinator to see how we can help and for more information on our fees

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