Tom McCluskie - TALK RBAI, Belfast

9 September 2017


MONDAY 9th October 2017






- a personal view on Titanic, the world-wide phenomenon



A talk by Dr TOM MCCLUSKIE MBE, author, historian and consultant



With 2017 marking the 20th anniversary of James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ movie Dr Tom McCloskie will illustrate, with his own photographs, his role in the making of the now legendary film and his time ‘on set’ in Baja, Mexico. He will also comment on the enduring legacy of Titanic in modern cultures contrasting that what the Edwardian culture of 1912 would have made of the story.



Tom McCluskie is author of the highly acclaimed An Anatomy of the Titanic the comprehensive deck-by-deck tour using nearly 250 b/w photographs, plans, drawings, and cutaways. He is the former Archive Manager for Harland & Wolff, builders of the RMS Titanic, and was H&W's Technical Liaison to 20th Century Fox in the production of James Cameron's Titanic.



McCluskie is also the co-author of Titanic & Her Sisters Olympic & Britannic and author of the Rise and Fall of Harland and Wolff.

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