The Belfast Titanic Society Committee 2016-17

At the 2016 AGM of the Society, the following were elected by the membership:

Our President - Dr John Martin was elected at the 2016 AGM 
This post is a two year post.  A presidential election will take place again in 2018.

Those elected to the Society Committee at the 2016 AGM were:

Constitutional Committee roles


Non constitutional Comittee roles


  • CQD Editorial Group -  Philp Armstrong, Aidan McMichael and Susie Millar
  • Public & Media Relations - Susie Millar
  • Committee member: Sandra Gilpin
  • Committee memberViola Thompson
  • Committee memberMaureen McKinney
  • Committee member: James Thompson
  • Committee member: Sheryl Rinkol (USA)

Non committee email addresses 

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